What lead to the idea of Spirited-Soles?

Being born in a family that is into footwear business for over 2 decades and being brought up in a city known for its culture and art I was always inclined towards creativity in a twisted way. I saw how conventional way, footwear business worked for many years of my life however it was never my choice. And moreover I found those same plain shoes very dull and boring.

I saw art in and around city of Kolkata during festivals or melas or during random trips to neighboring villages with my friends. The vibrancy of colors, the excitement it generated and positivism it filled in the environment made me fall in love with art. Coming from a family of footwear business I wanted to follow footsteps of my father. Though the bigger challenge here was how to make it more interesting and fun the way I liked.

I started reading and researching online. I came across lot of artists globally who believed in art and in various forms it can be used. They say inspiration can come to you in any form. All you need is your mind open to absorb it and visualize and eyes open to see it. During my research I came across a wonderful quote of Oprah Winfrey - "I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes". Thus the idea of blending art with shoes and different accessories. Colors add to ones confidence and how one presents itself. If a confident women can carry bright red shoes and lipstick she can very much carry artistically unique colorful shoes which speak about her soul and tell the world about who she is.

Immense love for art and creativity and an inspiring quote by Oprah Winfrey which is a reflection of today's confident women, sow the seed of custom hand painted shoes and accessories in my mind and "Inspiration" itself became our way of designing

About Anis Salim

Anis Salim is the Founder and Creative Director of Spirited-Soles. He started Spirited-Soles in Kolkata in 2011 and has been in business since than. At Spirited-Soles he handles product design and sales.

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