About Our Collection

Spirited-Soles realizes the value of art and the love for custom made products.

We specialize in making hand painted footwear for women that are vibrant and each pair accentuates distinctive personality. We also make clutches, bags and customized lamps.

Our designs are inspired by the "Life around us". We also encourage our clients to try their hands on designing and come up with their own concept & inspiration which may be their surrounding, occasions - Cloths, places, hobby etc. Our designs are meant for day to day wear, occasional wear, as well as specific to an occasion or your attire. 

If you more comfortable with your choice of brand or have doubts about the fitting, you can send us the shoe and we will design and paint.

We promote customization to maintain uniqueness. By making hand painting as our mode we are extending a helping hand by training unprivileged artists and trying our bit to help save dying art of hand painting. Our motto is to help them earn an extra living for their families beyond their regular day to day jobs. So by buying our products you are doing your bit towards the community and helping someone earn a respectable wage. Currently, we are supporting artists from West Bengal region.

Checkout our collection to place your today!